Dowse Your Way to Psychic Power: The Ultimate Short-cut to Other Dimensions

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    We all have a sixth sense. It is our unconscious mind. When we activate it we become superhuman. We are clairvoyant, telepathic, can find lost objects, can talk to our pets, heal disease, peer into the future, re-charge crystals, and commune with the angels. In short we go beyond the confines of our 5 senses and our lives become a daily adventure. Psychic abilities are not restricted to a gifted few – we all have them and they are just waiting to be set free. How do we do all this?
    There are many books on psychic development but this is the first to employ a unique short-cut – the art of dowsing. For guiding your life dowsing is The Secret. It’s more powerful than The Tarot. It has been discovered that this ancient skill is a portal to the Occult and Psychic Power. It provides answers not available to our conscious minds. And the other thing that is different within these pages is that you will have practical proof that your psychic abilities are awakening.
    The dowsing tools will move in your hand, seemingly of their own volition. When this happens you know the old you is changing and a new you, complete with a growing confidence, is coming into being. The magic is starting to happen! It’s time to claim the power within you and start to live a purpose-filled life.

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