Wicca: The Encyclopedia Of Modern Witchcraft. 6 books in1: Wicca for Beginners, Wicca book of Spells, Wicca Candle Magic, Wicca Moon Magic, Wicca Crystal … Wicca Herbal Magic.(Wiccan Starter Kit)

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    If you are looking for a complete Step by Step compendium to develop and master the extraordinary power of modern Witchcraft, the Wiccan Principles and your Magic Skills … then keep reading!

    This Encyclopedia of Shadows includes: 6 Manuscripts in 1 Book

    This book will introduce you to the secrets of modern Wicca, but it also will take you into the past in which Wicca came. It will show you how strong it is working to become a peaceful but powerful force in the future. Wicca is now a recognized religion in the US and Canada, and more and more people are reaching for text on the subject in order to feel more connected to it.

    If you are someone who is needing to feel a deeper connection to the spirits you know are around you and establish a perfect relation with nature and our ancestors… this compendium will help you get there.

    We cover a wide variety of topics within the religion of Wicca, and we also provide practical information in which you can begin casting your spells.

    By the end of reading this book, you will have a solid sense of the basics of the Craft, and you should also have the stronger desire to continue down the path of becoming a true Wiccan.

    Have you ever wondered what real magic like?

    Then look no further! This book is the only place you should start. You will learn every aspect of this powerful religion!

    This Book Includes:

    • Wicca for Beginners 

    • Wicca Book Of Spells

    • Wicca Candle Magic

    • Wicca Moon Magic

    • Wicca Herbal Magic

    • Wicca Crystal Magic

    In short, You will learn:

    • The ancient history of Wicca and the foundations of this religion
    • A step-by-step methodology to practice and master hundreds of spells and rituals to improve your life
    • How to initiate yourself into the Wiccan religion
    • Practical profile of Wiccan circles, coven, and advice for solitary practice
    • The secret behind the book of shadow
    • History of crystals and minerals stones
    • How to choose and care for own crystals, Crystal spells and rituals step by step
    • The role of the Moon, why Moon is magic, How the Moon can influence your life, The different Phases of the Moon and how they can affect magic
    • What types of symbols you should inscribe into your candles, how to build a proper altar for your sacred space, color candle descriptions and purposes
    • Information on choosing the right candles for the right spells
    • Historical facts that show how herbs have made an impact on society
    • A full and comprehensive list of herbs
    • How to grow herbs and How to protect yourself using herbs 
    • ….And much more!

    Esther Arin Spells, with decades of experience, has a very simple and straightforward approach and will guide you to discover the magic of Wicca.

    Discover how to Master the Secret power of Wicca Today!

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