Wicca Moon Magic: A Wiccan’s Guide to Lunar Spells and Rituals for Witchcraft Practitioners

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    If you are looking for a practical guide to start mastering the energy and the magic of the moon to improve your life, then keep reading.

    When cloudless starry nights happen, many people linger for a few moments looking up at the sky to admire the beauty of the moon, like the call of a natural instinct. But few know that the energy of the moon has been essential for life on Earth since the first cell evolved and that our whole existence revolves around the phases of the moon.

    Already for our ancestors had a key role in hunting, fishing, agriculture and even for pregnancy.

    Unfortunately today in society this connection with the moon and humanity no longer exists, but in the Wicca religion, the moon is still a vital element.

    The Wiccans are intimately connected to the moon because it is considered one of the most powerful forces to influence magical energy.

    For this reason, this book has a theoretical explanation but it also contains a collection of spells and rituals with a step-by-step methodology, that will allow you to start mastering magic and the moon’s energy.

    As your skills grow, Lisa Moon will explain to you how to experiment and create spells that suit you best, with the deepening of your intuition and psychic awareness.

    In short, here is what you will learn in this Wiccan Guide:

    • Why the moon has been essential to life on Earth
    • Correlations between pregnancy and human existence with the moon
    • Moon connection with oceans and nature
    • The moon and the Triple Goddess
    • A detailed breakdown of magical properties of the lunar cycle
    • How charge tools with Lunar Energy
    • Correlations between the periods of the year with the moon
    • Dozens of spells for each phase of the lunar cycle
    • And much more!

    Even if you have never cast a spell in your life, don’t worry, because Lisa Moon, with decades of experience, has a very simple and straightforward approach and will guide you to discover the magic of the moon.

    If you are ready to start practicing the magic of the moon today, scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Now button!

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