The English Runes: Secrets of Magic, Spells and Divination

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    You may be familiar with Runes, an old European lettering system. They can be found widely in literature and film; however, these Runes are usually the Elder Futhark. What people are less aware of is that the English have their own Runes, steeped in the heritage of an ancient land. Runes rooted in the culture of the early English and whose sound is part of the birth of the English language. Discover The Old English Rune Poem and, through this, find out more about the lives of the early English and their runes.
    This book was written not only to spark interest, but also as a personal journey for those who wish to learn about runes, primarily the English runes. It is about runic magic, magical experience, spells and divination, containing practical exercises to deepen your connection with runes, nature and wyrd.

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