Opalite Gemstone Runes with Engraved Lettering and Velvet Bag

Product Features

  • SALE FOR - 25 Piece | STONE - Opalite
  • Engraved lettering hand painted in gold
  • Comes in a velvet carry pouch.
  • Useful for Positive Energy Genrator Genrator, Healing, Meditation, Peace of Mind, Balancing & Concentration
  • Home Décor, Gift, Table Art, Decorative
Price: £5.30
(as of 02/26/2024 07:51 UTC - Details)

Product Description

This set of 25 runes is made of opalite, and the pieces are hand-carved and highly polished. They’re flat stones which are especially good for rune-casting. These opalite runes are engraved with the Elder Futhark alphabet and include one blank rune stone. They come with a rune symbol sheet to help identify them and a pouch in your choice of color.

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