mookaitedecor Amethyst Witches Runes Set,Healing Crystal Palm Stone Engraved Gypsy Symbol for Meditation Divination

Product Features

  • The set consists of 10 symbolic runes.Runes stones are used to divination - a way to predict the future. Nowadays you will put all rune characters in a bag and then think about a problem while you take a rune character as a key to your problem.
  • Engraved stone rune kit of 10,hand polishing and engraving with golden gypsy wiccan pagan symbol.The professional divination rune crystal set is an ideal choice for seers,oracle,Wicca,altar or magic rituals.
  • Made of natural Amethyst, fully polished and smooth. Mini size for each polished stone approx 1" (26mm) long, 0.8" (21mm) wide, 0.27" (7mm) thick; Weight: 70~80 gram/pack.Includes 10 pieces of rune semi precious stones and a black velvet gift pouch.
  • Witch runes are divination tools used to cast spiritual readings,fortune telling.These altar stones also can be used as pocket stone or worry stone.Helps to reiki healing,chakra balancing,crystal grid and positive energy.
  • As these Gypsy runes stone are made of natural stone and finished by hand,the sizes, shapes,textures and colours vary slightly.The pictures we provided just for referring.
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Product Description

Details: Mini size for each polished stone approx 1″ (26mm) long, 0.8″ (21mm) wide, 0.27″ (7mm) thick; Includes 10 pieces of rune stones and a black velvet gift bag.

How to use the healing stone witches runes set: You can cast the Witches runes on a cloth or on a table and read the meaning of the runes that are facing upwards only or you can read the Witches runes by picking one rune at a time while you ask a question.It is a way to predict the future or a guide to solve the problem.

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