[(Energy Dowsing for Health : How to Tune into the Earth’s Powerful Energies for Personal Development and Well-Being)] [By (author) Patrick MacManaway] published on (January, 2010)

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    This work offers a practical introduction to an ancient art, which uses simple tools such as pendulums, together with finely-tuned intuition, to provide guidance in daily life. It includes working with earth energies, geopathic stress, place memory, chi paths, dragons and auras. Step-by-step dowsing sequences include assessing food vitality and choosing vitamins, flower essences and other remedies to treat illness and improve health. How to use dowsing to reduce allergic response, find a suitable diet, and to heal yourself and others, all with practice exercises to sharpen your skills. This work also shows how to apply dowsing at home, in the workplace, in the garden, in the landscape and in your community. Beautifully designed and extensively illustrated with more than 180 photographs, this fascinating book explains the many different aspects of dowsing, from healing ourselves and others, to finding and re-patterning ‘blocked’ energy paths. It both complements and enhances other natural therapies and can even be used to diagnose and treat specific problems, such as allergies, deficiencies and spinal misalignments.It can also be used by gardeners and to help new businesses – advising us of the best locations to ‘plant’ for healthy growth. Specially commissioned photography is combined with expert advice to guide you through practical dowsing techniques, for enhanced health, wealth and happiness.

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