Bronze Dowsing Rods with the conductivity of copper swivel handles

Product Features

  • bronze rod conductivity
(as of 06/17/2024 08:22 UTC - Details)

Product Description

OPEN UP NEW HORIZONS This is a heuristic pair of ‘L’ rods made of silicon bronze with copper swivel handles for dowsers who prefer not to have direct rod contact and measure approx 10″ x 4″ x 3.2mm dia, these have rested on a stone forming part of the ancient circle known as ‘The Hurlers’ on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, UK. to absorb some of the strong earth energies present in this area. This is also an ancient mining area for Copper which is the major component in Bronze. These are very sensitive dowsing tools and are used in many ways and modes from the more common search for water, through archaeological investigations to diagnostic health work…Made by a dowser for dowsers …Supplier of dowsing instruments to the British Society of Dowsers.. I have been making and have sold over 4000 sets of dowsing rods to customers in Europe, Africa, Australasia, China and the Americas for over 12 years and the overwhelming reaction has been “Wow! They work” You won’t do better! USES FOR YOUR DOWSING RODS. You can dowse to- 1. To locate a potable water supply, including flow volume, direction of flow, depth and quality. 2. Where to plant a tree in the garden for the greatest benefit to the plant. 3. Where to locate or not to locate septic tanks. 4.To locate metals. 5. To find oil. and many more.

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