JSDDE 7 Chakra Gemstone Pointed Pendant Necklace, Reiki Energy Healing Crystal Pendulum Jewelry (Locket Pendant)

Product Features

  • 7 Chakra Healing Stones Material:White Crystal(Crown Chakra), Amethyst(Third-eye Chakra), Dyed Lapis Lazuli(Throat Chakra), Green Aventurine(Heart Chakra), Yellow Aventurine(Solar Plexus), Red Aventurine(Sacral Chakra), Red Jasper(Root Chakra)
  • Size:Locket Pendant:43*27mm, Hole:3mm, Stone:35*16mm, Chain:26"
  • Feature:Hypoallergenic and allergy free, a simple and decent accessory would match your outfit perfectly.
  • Perfect Gift:Comes with a gift box and JSDDE velet jewelry pouch, ready for giving. An ideal gift in mother's day, father's day, thanksgiving, christmas, birthday.
  • How Do Chakras effect health:The energy centers in our body are like pools of water allowing energy to flow from one to the next. Over time this energetic blockages can begin to create a disconnect between the physical and energetic body leading to the occurrence of illness or disease in organs surrounding the blockage. By removing blockages within our chakras we are able to remove blockages we maintain our optimum connection to vital life force throughout our entire physical and energetic body.
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Product Description

7 charka:
Red Jasper(Root Chakra): this chakra allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times.
Red Aventurine(Sacral Chakra): this chakra allows you to let go, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body.
Yellow Aventurine(Solar Plexus Chakra): this chakra allows you to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows you to meet challenges and mover forward in your life.
Green Aventurine(Heart Chakra): this chakra allows us to recognize that we are interconnected within an intricate web of relationships extending through life and the universe.
Dyed Lapis Lazuli(Throat Chakra): this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.
Amethyst(Third Eye Chakra): this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature.
White Crystal(Crown Chakra): this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection.

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