Calm Emotions Power Bead Bracelet – Healing Crystal Gemstone Bracelet – Stress Relief Bracelet – Gift Box and Information Tag

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    Lovely Healing Bracelet to help Relieve Stress, Fear and Anxiety and Calm Emotions. The gorgeous crystal gemstones used to make this power bead bracelet have been specially chosen to help Relieve Stress, Fear and Anxiety, and Calm Emotions.

    This bracelet is made using the following quality Grade A Power/Healing Beads 8mm – Aquamarine, Amethyst, Turquoise, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, Howlite, Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz. All crystal are genuine and natural but the turquoise has been subtly enhanced to improve durability and appearance, this does not effect the healing properties.

    Bracelet size is 7.25″ inch and is made using strong quality jewellery elastic which stretch to comfortably fit 6.75″ – 7.75″ inches.

    The bracelet comes in a beautiful embossed gift box with a Soul Cafe information Tag.

    The tag contains information about how each crystal supports relieving stress, fear and anxiety, and calming emotions.

    Aquamarine brings inner peace, hope and self-love. It is used to dispel anger and fear.
    Amethyst is a calming stone that aids peacefulness, happiness and balance.
    Turquoise a stone of purification, it releases negativity, calms nerves helps ease panic.
    Moonstone calms negative emotions and provides deep emotional healing. Improves inner confidence and heightens intuition.
    Blue Lace Agate brings tranquillity and peace. It aids communication.
    Smoky Quartz lifts depression and stress. Helps to let go of fears and anxiety.
    Clear Quartz balances your emotions, raises your spiritual energy to highest possible level.
    Howlite helps to eliminate turbulent emotions, calm uncontrolled anger and ease anxiety.

    Please note crystals are natural products and may contain tiny flaws which adds to their uniqueness.

    The healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are NOT prescriptions or health care information.

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